Photo of partners Anthony and James with the title Celebrating 8-Years of Success!

We wanted to provide a quick update on business developments following the announcement of the partnership between Anthony Raimondo and James Miller, and our re-brand as Raimondo|Miller. Strangely enough, we have been hearing rumors that Anthony is retiring. Nothing could be further from the truth – he isn’t that easy to get rid of!

Mr. Raimondo looks forward to many more years of service and advocacy for the firm’s clients and is excited at the new range of services the firm is providing within Mr. Miller’s expertise. We are now handling a range of commercial litigation matters, including collections, partnership disputes, and brand protection cases. Mr. Miller also brings expertise in bankruptcy and probate matters, in addition to corporate formation and corporate government, areas of service that many of our existing labor and employment clients have taken advantage of. Our team is excited about the future.

We are planning further expansion and diversification over the course of the next year, and at present we are looking north to the Pacific Northwest and anticipate adding Washington and Oregon to the geographic scope of our practice. Mr. Raimondo will continue to serve our clients in California while overseeing our Pacific Northwest expansion.

We look forward to the continuing opportunity to work hand in hand with our clients to protect the businesses they have built, and fighting for their future prosperity.