As many of you know, Mr. Raimondo made a significant effort on behalf of clients to hold an enemy of California agriculture, California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA), accountable for repeated and ongoing violations of federal regulations regarding the grants they receive from the federal Legal Services Corporation (LSC).  

Mr. Raimondo made repeated reports of CRLA’s legal violations to the LSC Inspector General, and provided assistance to an ongoing federal investigation into CRLA misconduct. In retaliation for these efforts, CRLA sued Mr. Raimondo in federal court, falsely accusing him of seeking to have their undocumented clients removed from the United States. The case was initially dismissed by the federal court, and revived on appeal by the Ninth Circuit, ultimately being settled by an insurance company before any litigation on the merits. Mr. Raimondo maintained his innocence throughout and has always denied these allegations.  

After Mr. Raimondo successfully represented Silvia Lopez and the Gerawan workers in defending their civil rights against an assault by the United Farm Workers Union and the California Agricultural Relations Board, the UFW retaliated by filing State Bar charges based on the same baseless allegations of misconduct that were in the federal court lawsuit. Ultimately, the State Bar prosecuted Mr. Raimondo based on these false allegations, seeking to revoke his license to practice law. 

Mr. Raimondo continued to insist that the charges were unfounded, and fought the case for several years, culminating in a trial before a State Bar judge in May 2021. On August 12, 2021, the judge issued a 41-page decision that completely exonerated Mr. Raimondo, and dismissed all charges against him.  

Throughout this process, a large number of clients and colleagues offered support, loyalty, and even testimony at the trial to aid Mr. Raimondo in defending these specious slurs against his character. He will forever be humbled and grateful for the loyalty and trust his clients, colleagues, and friends showed him throughout this long and difficult battle. He is grateful to the judge who gave him a fair trial, and worked hard to understand the issues and the evidence in a very complex and unusual case.   

At Raimondo & Associates, ALC we look forward to many more years of providing the most passionate advocacy we can on behalf of our clients. We are not afraid to put ourselves in harm’s way to protect our clients, and each and every client can expect this level of commitment from our firm. 
Thank you to all of our valued associates, friends and clients.