According to the new Labor Commissioner for the Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement (“DLSE”), Liz Whoo, the current plan for Farm Labor Contractors to renew, and or apply for new, licenses is as follows:

“The Farm Labor Contractor will be required to pay for a new registration period if the period has passed [from pre-Covid 19, February 2020]. What I mean by this is, if the FLC applied in February, and the license period was 03/01/2020-03/01/2021, the FLC will need to pay the registration fee for the period of 03/01/2021-03/01/2022. Exams taken this year will restart the two-year period, and FLC taking the exam this year will not be required to take the exam in 2023. Renewing FLC’s are being prioritized for the pilot program.” – Liz Whoo   

So, what does this really mean? During the Covid-19 period, Farm Labor Contractors were not allowed to take the exams in person, and they received an “extension”. The Labor Commissioner is now affirming that this extension is over, and that the corresponding fees for the new license period shall be due.

Please be advised that any license holders should always make sure that their licenses are current. If you need assistance with your licensure, please contact our office for advice and guidance. We here at Raimondo and Associates have always been here to help Farm Labor Contractors, and we will continue to do so.

A special thanks to Porfirio Rios of 4 All Enterprise, Inc., and Gil Molina of CAAL, for this information

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Raimondo & Associates will continue to monitor these mandates and guidance and provide updates as necessary.