Raimondo & Associates prides itself on representing small business owners, and being active in helping our community. We ensure that our clients are operating within the safety parameters dictated by the CDC as well as the clients’ local health departments. Raimondo & Associates firmly believes that we the people of the United States are capable of following the proper COVID-19 safety precautions while also remaining open to conduct business. Unfortunately, many California counties and municipalities have issued well-intentioned but misguided mandates that unconstitutionally restrict California business owners’ rights. In order to combat these unconstitutional mandates, Raimondo & Associates is working closely with California businesses that have been unfairly targeted by their local government in order to protect those business owners’ rights. 

If you believe that your local or state government has unconstitutionally restricted your rights through more restrictive means than necessary to accomplish its goal, we are here for you. We will fight for our client’s constitutional rights to operate their businesses safely, using the least restrictive means to accomplish that goal and to not endanger the general public.

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